Hope’s Story


On March 20, 2014 one dog's life drastically changed. What started out as a normal day for myself and my team. I received a text from a fellow member Margot  with a picture of a dog stating dog burned can HART help? The picture showed a dog with a chain wrapped around its neck and severe burns just sitting there posing for the photo. I immediately called Margot and asked her to bring straight to the Veterinarian Clinic for evaluation and treatment. Nothing prepared us for the reality of what was to follow upon arrival.

     Margot came into the clinic with Hope as we named her and treatment began immediately.When we laid eyes on Hope and saw the worst case of Animal Cruelty any of us have ever seen.We all were in shock at how Hope was reacting to her badly burned body.She looked at all of us with her eyes full of such love and her tail just a wagging.We couldn't believe she could still trust a human and react in this manner. She was given pain medication,her whole body was wrapped to cover the burns. She was started on IV Fluids.Many photos were taken for documentation.Hope remained at the clinic overnight I stayed with her til late into the night.The next day her bandages were removed for further evaluation. We than transferred Hope to a 24 hr facility til Sunday March 23rd 2014.On March 23rd 2014 Hope was transferred to Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialists where she could be seen and treated by an Ophthalmologist, and  Surgical team.

    Hope's eyes were badly burned and she was at risk of losing both. Along with her body being badly burned. Hope remained at Blue Pearl in Tampa, Fl for the next 39 days. She received daily bandage changes and Laser Therapy.She was monitored 24/7.I traveled to Tampa, Fl to visit Hope daily as many of you followed on Facebook her journey to recovery.Hope is a true testament to never giving up.In Hope's short life, she endured a lot of pain and suffering no animal or human should ever endure.She lived chained up in a small metal shed with cigarette butts thrown all around where she would have to sleep.

    On March 20th Hope had a horrendous act of animal cruelty done to her, but she survived. Because of love and support  she is here today to show everyone Don't Give Up! Hope has and still continues to teach us daily although things are tough life gets better. For Hope Life became better.The alertness of a young boy seeing Hope in trouble and asking for help.Hope was able to get the help she needed and today is enjoying life. Hope continues to help rescue other animals in need and share her story with Adults and children. Hope visits schools and travels with her mom daily to work.Hope has been a true inspiration to myself and many others around the world.Hope enjoys meeting many of her followers who visit and making new friends.Hope welcomes new rescues and helps to reassure them they are safe now.

For all who have followed Hope and continue we thank you. Your love and support is what has helped to heal Hope inside and out.